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PhD student of CS Department, Univesity of Texas at San Antonio, supervised by Prof.Tongping Liu

Master student at Institute of Computing Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, supervised by Prof.Haihua Shen
Assistant Engineer at Loongson Techonology
Email: firstname.lastname@utsa.edu

My TA Classes

  Computer Oganization(2018 Spring)

  Computer Oganization(2017Fall)

  Data Structure(2017 Fall)


   2017- present  University of Texas at San Antonio, System

   2014-2017 ICT of CAS, Computer Architecture
            GPA: 3.61/4

   2010-2014  Henan University,  Automation, Control Theory
           GPA: 3.75/4
           Rank: 1/64+
           speech at the graduation ceremony: here
Research Interests:

   Computer Architecture, Multicore System, low power, Accelerators,GPU, DRAM, RRAM, NDP, Deep Learning, Graph

Current work:(outdated)

   Rencently, I have been doing research on developing new architectures for Memory Controller to enhance the process of data prefetch, to hide the long delay of memory accessing. I have complished the scheme, and the experiments will be conducted then.
   This work involves cache, TLB, memory controller, compiler, operation system and xxx(I would like to tell you later). 

Intern Experience:

5. Intern at Tsinghua University, collecting training datasets for AI Chip.
    June 2017- July 2017
4. Assistant Engineer: processor design
     Loongson Technology Co., Ltd.
     July 2015 – June 2017. Loongson industry park, Haidian District, Beijing, China
     I am in the CPU/IP group, and I have participated in designing and coding Godson-1, Godson-2 processors.
3. Computer vision engineer Intern
     Computer Vison Lab at Henan University
     May 2014 – August 2014 (4 months) Kaifeng, Henan, China
2. Research Intern, Video and Image processing
     Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
     February 2014 – August 2014 (7 months) 1 North 2nd Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District,Beijing
1. Electrical Engineer intern
     Ye Jia Technology Group Limited
     July 2013 – February 2014 (8 months)Kaifeng, Henan, China


5. Tianyi Liu, Junhua Xiao, Longbing Zhang, Haihua Shen. ILAMP: Instruction Label Assistant Memory Side Prefetching Improves the Performance of Pointer Chasing Applications, Chinese High Technology Letters, 2017. (To appear)

4.Zhang Hualiang,* Liu Hongwei*, Liu Tianyi* Design of Processor's Benchmark Database Using the Testbench for Pre-silicon Performance Verification, Chinese High Technology Letters, 2016.

3.Liu T, Fang S, Zhao Y, et al.Implementation of Training Convolutional Neural Networks[J]. arXiv preprint arXiv: 1506.01195, 2015. 

2.T.Liu, Design of bacterial colony analysis system based on image processing technology, Undergraduate thesis, 2014

1.Dayong Lu, Tianyi Liu. Two Generalized Equivalent Infinitesimal Substitution Method [J]. Neijiang Techonology, 2012 (10): 28-28.
My Talks

1. Tianyi Liu
Summary of Prof. Onur's Key Papers, November-12-2016, Loongson Lab.

Patents: Patent search and analysis of SIPO

7. Tianyi Liu, Haihua Shen, Longbing Zhang, Wei Wu. Load Instructions with Novel Memory Accessing Modes 

6. Tianyi Liu, Haihua Shen, Junhua Xiao. Novel Memory Controller Supporting Linked Data Structure Accessing

5. Tianyi Liu, Haihua Shen, Longbing Zhang, Junhua Xiao, Wenqing Li. Device and System that support Linked Data Structure Prefetching Operations.

4. Ruiyang Wu, Wenxiang Wang, Tianyi Liu. Reorder method, device and processor based on extraction and insertion operation[P].Chinese Patent:201610184867.6,2016-3-30

3. Haihua Shen, Tianyi Liu. A novel memory queue implementation based on AHB-Lite protocol [P]. Chinese Patent: CN201610202685.7,2016-5-04

2. Wenxiang Wang, Tianyi Liu, Ruiyang Wu. A shuffle pattern generation apparatus for motion estimation [P].Chinese Patent:201610443245.0,2016-6-21

1. Tianyi Liu, Haihua Shen, Ruiyang Wu, Mingcan Zhu. A novel method for dealing with branch instructions in pipelined processors [P].Chinese Patent:201610282278.1,2016-4-01

The projects that I have participated:

1. Attendance system, Henan University, 2012 ------- Course Project
  Key technology: 8051MCU + RFID + MySQL + VB

2. Smart car design, Henan University, 2013 ---- Course Project
  Key technology: 8051MCU + “H” bridge Circuit (control the motors) + Photosensor

3. Intelligent tensioning system, Kaifeng JIAYE Co Ltd, 2013
  Key technology: MCU + Electric Relay + Motor + pressure pick up + displacement sensor

4. Automatic bacterial colony analysis system based on image processing, IPE, CAS, 2014
  In this project, we try to record the growing condition of bacterium automatically. So, we design a system (with a camera in the device) to monitor and analyze the number of bacterial colony and the size of them.

5. Face recognition system, Henan University, 2014
  In this project, I implemented a prototype of face recognition system using MFC and OpenCV and the key algorithm we use is LBP. One year later, I implemented the CNN algorithm using Java.

6. Godson-1 processor core, Loongson Technology Co Ltd, 2015
  I participated in designing and implementing a simple CPU core, called Godson-1. It act as the core of MCU in the embedded system. I am responsible for the memory stage of the pipeline in the core. And the memory stage is the most difficult part in CPU design, because of the interaction with the outside of CPU core.

7. Godson-2 processor core, Loongson Technology Co Ltd, 2015~2016
  This processor is much more complex. It is a double issuing, out of order executing processor and it has 9 stages. I was responsible for the multiplying unit in the SIMD module and I implemented it using Verilog HDL.

Honors and Awards:
   15. G-TAP Scholarship, UTSA, 2017
   14. Excellent Volunteer Award, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2016
   13. Schlunmberger Scholarship, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015 
   12. Outstanding Students Award, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015

   11. Outstanding Students Award, Henan University, 2010-2014
   10. The Star for Honesty of Henan University, 2014
    9. Outstanding Graduate of Henan University, 2014
    8. Outstanding Graduate of Henan Province, 2014
    7. National Software Design and Entrepreneur Contest for College Students, Third Prize in Henan Province, 2013
    6. America Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Successful Participant, 2013
    5. National English Contest for College Students (NECCS),Second Prize, 2012
    4. National Mathematical Contest in Modeling, First Prize in Henan Province, 2012
    3. National Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Second Prize in Henan Province, 2011
    2. National Endeavor Scholarship for 2 consecutive years (2012, 2013)
    1. National Scholarship 2011 (20 students awarded over 40,000+ students)

Useful Tools, Softwares and Links:

My Reading Summary
UW-Madison Computer Architecture
Computation Structure Group(MIT)
www computer architecture page








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